The Tile Professionals


No one appreciates detailed tile work more than our owner and installer, Gary Round. From classic Italian Botticino marble to rustic slate, bold granite, soft travertine, ceramics or porcelains, Gary knows how each one is installed and enjoys working with them all.

Tile and stone floors are ideal for electric floor heating. Their high thermal conductivity results in a floor that delivers radiant heat and retains it well. Rooms are gently and evenly heated while transforming normally cool tiles into a cozy and comfortable surface for your bare feet. Every one will be drawn to your warm tile floor. Even your four legged friends will appreciate this feature, yet the radiant heat will not dry out the air like so many conventional systems and won't stir dust and promote allergic reactions.


15 years of prOFFESSIONAL experience

Tile Tech

15 years experience TAPERING perfect shower FLOORS and installing radiant heat coils under tile flooring outside the shower.